Registration is open for Rhinebeck Yoga Center’s 2024 Teacher Training Program with Director Carla Olla


If you’ve dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher or want to deepen your practice, this training is for you!

Payment Option 1:
Pay in full by December 1st $1000 Discount!!!
$2400 total

Payment Option 2
Pay in full by January 2nd

Payment Option 3
Payment plan: $1250 on the first of each month – Total $3750

The cost includes unlimited yoga classes with Carla for the duration of the training, and ½ price for all other classes. All required books and materials are included, plus enjoy a 10% discount on all items in our gift shop. We are a Yoga Alliance Certified School. This is a 200 hour Teacher Training.

A comprehensive training, we’ll cover Asana, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Alignment, Chakras, Anatomy and Physiology, Chanting, Sanskrit, Assists, and more.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher or want to deepen your practice, this training is for you!

Please contact Carla Olla with questions or to register for the Teacher Training:


Teacher Training Testimonials


“For many years, I had been a yoga practitioner before taking a yoga class with Carla Olla. Upon taking her class, I quickly appreciated her style of teaching and would show up for the classes she taught as often as possible. It was through taking Carla’s classes that I was exposed to the true essence of Yoga as a spiritual path — not just the physical practice. When she offered a Yoga Teacher Training, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to teach yoga, but was highly interested in understanding the philosophy of Yoga as a way of deepening my own practice. I enrolled in the Teacher Training, and it was the single most transformative experience of my life. Carla is so knowledgeable about all aspects of Yoga, and teaches with so much enthusiasm, care, compassion and mostly, LOVE. The experience was fun, life expanding, and exceeded my expectations of deepening my yoga practice exponentially. By virtue of attending, it gave me a wonderful gift in Carla as a teacher, friend and mentor, and a wonderful community of fellow yogis and yoginis whom I treasure in my life. When the 200 hour Teacher Training ended, I enjoyed the experience of Carla’s teacher training so much that I returned to attend an additional training as a 500 hour trainee. I am forever grateful for what I learned in Carla’s Yoga Teacher Training and the way it has prepared me to accomplish anything that I set out to do in life.” – Marla Axsom

“Completing a teacher training with Carla was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Her training is thorough and teaches much more than just poses. She has studied with, and continues to be supported by, highly respected gurus and teachers and it shines through in the training. Her training not only prepared me to teach yoga, but gave me a better understanding of yogic philosophy, and the world around me in general. I couldn’t recommend Carla more — her passion is evident, and with her support and guidance I emerged from her teacher training not only as a thoughtful teacher, but a better human, too.” – Brooke Heron

“I have been practicing yoga since I was a teenager. I have trained with many different yoga teachers all over the world. So when I finally decided to do the teacher training I was very picky about the teacher for it. After traveling with Carla Olla to India I made the choice to do the teacher training with her. I have learned so much from Carla. She gave me the best foundation of knowledge. She brought in the best teachers for certain topics from all over the country. I was afraid to be in front of people but she made us teach from day one. My intention was to do the training for me but discovered how wonderful it is to share the knowledge. I have done my 250 hour training and my 500 hour teacher training with Carla Olla and I would choose the same training again. Thank you so much Carla, for enriching my life in more ways than I could have imagined.” – Bettina Scherf

“I am so grateful I had the opportunity to do my 500 hour yoga teacher training with Carla Olla. She is wise, loving, and knowledgeable. She puts great thought into what material to share and how to share that material. She is clear and deliberate in her teaching. I loved the opportunity to practice with her, deepen my spiritual practice and model my ability to teach by following her example. Her light shines so brightly, it is contagious. If you have the opportunity to do a yoga teacher training with her, you should do it. You really won’t regret it. Honestly, I rarely write testimonials. I think this is only the second time in my life I have ever even written a testimonial, so that I am moved to write one speaks volumes.” – Rachel Borwein

“I did my teacher training in 2015 with Carla Olla at Love Yoga in Naples, FL. I can’t say how much this changed my life in so many ways. Carla is an amazing teacher and has given me more than she will ever know. I have been teaching ever since and loving every minute of it, even if you don’t want to teach to study under Carla is a gift that keeps giving in my everyday life. Rhinebeck is very lucky to have Carla.” – Susan Guzzo

“There is no higher recommendation that I could give than that of taking a Teacher Training with Carla Olla. Delve into this life-changing Yoga Teacher Training with Carla, who has the vast experience and knowledge to guide you to the in-depth study of yoga. You will graduate and be ready to teach yoga with all the tools vitally necessary to share the teachings of yoga with others. Her trainings create a community, a beautiful bonding experience that is full of compassion, love and knowledge. She is a teacher of the most highest regard, a student of all the yoga teachings and she gives 110% plus to everything she does.

I graduated from the RYT 500 hr Teacher Training taught by Carla Olla and Prem Sadasivananda. I have travelled with Carla to India three times with her India Yoga Retreats. I am humbled to call her my extraordinary teacher, my caring mentor, and my beloved friend.”  – Nancy Baumgarten 300 hr. Jivamukti Certified Teacher, 500 hr RYT, currently teaching yoga at Love Yoga Center in Naples, Florida.

“Carla Olla has a very special gift in her ability to share the yoga practice. She meets each student, from beginner to advanced, with equal joy and a solid core of knowledge. I have earned 200hr and 500hr RYT certifications under her guidance. Her curriculums are comprehensive and solid in tradition, including the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines of ancient practices. Her teacher training program will challenge and empower you to become your best Self! You will be taught the necessary skills to become an informed, inspired, and confident teacher. Svadhyaya and study continues to be a privilege and honor with my respected teacher and shiner of light, Carla-ji. Beautiful flowers are growing from the seeds she has planted!” – Michelle Whitmore, RYT-500

“I have had both of my teacher trainings with Carla. She is a dedicated teacher who will bring the best out of each student and provide all the tools they need to become a yoga teacher. She has a fun approach to teaching and you can do nothing but learn from her. She loves Yoga and teaching Yoga; and you will see this after one session with her. I enjoyed my teacher trainings with her to the max and wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for more.” – Karen Kobetich

“My 200 hour yoga teacher training with Carla Olla was transformational. The amount of growth, love, light I received is hard to put into words. I will forever be grateful for the community that I am a part of. Carla is an outstanding and knowledgeable teacher who will guide you into the beautiful world of yoga. I am beyond confident that you will receive a truly authentic and life changing experience.” – Kristen McCarron

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