danika-hendrickson-rhinebeck-yoga-centerDANIKA HENDRICKSON
500 hour yoga teacher

“Yoga kind of chose me. I’ve always been a spiritual person and was interested in the spiritual component of what yoga had to offer, especially in combination with my background in astrology. I was drawn to yoga as a way to be active and engaged in my body that wasn’t abusive. Yin restorative yoga helps people shift from a doing state to a being, or receptive, state and allows people to tap back into their intuitive nature. On a physical level, yoga is really good for aging when more active muscular styles become challenging or limiting: It’s wonderful for all ages, a good practice for longevity and the inner health of the body. Every body is unique, every body’s needs are different. We’re constantly evolving and transforming, and go from weak to strong at different rates. The right kind of yoga and the right teacher can work wonders.”

Danika Hendrickson is a yoga teacher and Counseling Astrologer based in New York’s Hudson Valley region. She has spent more than 20 years studying Astrology and 15+ years training in the healing and transformative power of Yin and Restorative Yoga, among other methods of practice. Her integrative approach to wellness combines the wisdom of classical Indian teachings with contemporary Western Astrology, emphasizing the therapeutic aspects of both. Danika helps her clients to trust their own intuition both on and off the mat, and guides them towards a greater sense of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

She teaches at Rhinebeck Yoga Center (known as Satya from 2005-2018), and also leads workshops at Omega Institute and at Shanti Retreat in Wolfe Island, Canada.

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