sarah-willis-teacher-rhinebeck-yoga-centerSARAH WILLIS
500 hour yoga teacher

“Helping people connect to their bodies and breath, learn discipline, connect to spaciousness and joy, and to pick up coping mechanisms and healing techniques is what makes me tick. I have practiced Yoga and meditation for two decades. It’s quite by accident that I wound up teaching individuals and groups of people. When you obsessively practice something for many years every day (well, close), sometimes people gather around and want to learn too. I simply don’t know where I’d be without this work. Yoga permeates most layers of my life, and helps me to be a better human being.”

Sarah has been dedicated to her yoga practice for 20 years, and is a Jivamukti Yoga Center certified teacher. She has also completed advanced Ashtanga Yoga training programs with Sri. Pattabhi Jois and Richard Freeman as well as Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Eden Fromberg and Mia Borgatta. Sarah received the Kavi Award from Manorama for excelling in Sanskrit Studies.

She has been a teacher at Rhinebeck Yoga Center (known as Satya from 2005-2018) since 2013, and has also worked as a yoga teacher at Jivamukti, Omega Institute, and in Mexico and the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia

Sarah has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, and her writing has been published in Organic Hudson Valley Magazine, Men’s Health, Yogini Cuisine and Svara Yoga.

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