mela-stevens-teacher-rhinebeck-yoga-centerMELA STEVENS
RYT 500

“I was drawn to yoga more than 20 years ago when ISHTA Yoga founder, Alan Finger — who housed his yoga studio in a brownstone that was also part of a Manhattan-based public relations agency where I worked — would lean in the doorway and watch as I ‘worked the phones.’ I was harried, my muscles were tensed, my teeth clenched. Quietly and slowly, Alan would say, ‘When are you coming to a yoga class?’ He asked a lot. I finally relented and never looked back as it became a foundation portal for my own transformations.”

Mela owned and operated a public relations and production business in Manhattan for 13 years before she found her way to upstate New York in 2001. This change allowed her to focus her career on holistic wellness and health and teaching yoga, too. Her classes focus on Svadhyaya (yoga’s Niyama of self-reflection) through a combination of movement, stillness, fun and the ability to allow/receive as primary intentions.

She is a member of the Yoga Alliance and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in nutrition, self-care and stress management practices. Mela is also a small business coach, Human Resources practitioner and writer. She earned a BA from Long Island University with a specialization in Journalism, and is a Certified Coach and teaching facilitator for the Quantum Coaching Method. Mela lives in Rhinebeck, is Reiki first-degree certified and CPR certified.

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