kristin-jay-rhinebeck-yoga-centerKRISTIN JAY

Kristin has a PhD in psychology from UCLA, specifically in cognitive neuroscience, which is the Western scientific study of the biological basis of sensory-perceptual experience and mental processes such as attention, memory and language. She has studied and taught about mind-body relationships within this framework for more than 10 years, and is currently an associate professor at Marist College. To balance this rational-analytic/Western approach to understanding the mind as well as the demands of a professional career, Kristin cultivated a personal yoga/meditation practice, a deep interest in helping people one-on-one (much of which came from her experience mentoring students), and a strong desire to understand consciousness experientially rather than abstractly. This, and her background with ceramic art, quite naturally led her to the study of massage; on a sabbatical from teaching, she pursued bodywork training at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage in Albany, NY, and is now a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist. At the same time, she completed a yoga teacher training program in vinyasa yoga at the BeBhakti Yoga Center in Beacon, NY, as well as additional training in yin yoga, which has been a transformative part of her personal practice, with Biff Mithoefer. Kristin continues to teach about cognition and the senses in the college context, and is very grateful to also have the opportunity to facilitate yoga classes and work as an LMT—as all of these practices influence each other in interesting ways. While taking her time to develop and practice her interests, Kristin is slowly pursuing a yin yoga certification through the Jamtse school, and additional training in myofascial release with John Barnes. In her yin classes at Rhinebeck Yoga Center, Kristin aims to share her interdisciplinary background, her love of gracefulness and concentration in movement, and an attitude of calm and compassionate acceptance, to create spaces in which students can develop deeper presence and appreciation for all aspects of their personal experience.

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