200 hour yoga teacher

“For me, unconditional love is the goal and yoga is the path. My classes offer a non-judgmental environment that is supportive and welcoming to all. I will guide you safely through practices designed to cultivate introspection and physical development, to challenge and heal, and to inspire observation of and connection with every part of your self. By mindfully turning inward and working to uncover your own inner light, you will leave class feeling empowered and open to a deeper love and compassion everywhere in your life. I feel immense gratitude for all the teachers in my life: yoga teachers, schoolteachers, friends, and perhaps wisest of all, my dog Maya. I remain an eternal student.”

Jacob trained at Kripalu under Kari Harendorf and Yoganand Michael Carroll, and his classes are based in the Kripalu tradition: student-focused and accessible to every body, with a balance of effort and ease. While teaching, he shares bits of yogic philosophy and playfulness for good measure.

When not practicing yoga, Jacob may be found wandering in music, playing philosophy, stir-frying a forest or reading vegetables.

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